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In Comercial Godó, S.L., we offer our services and know-how in the commercialization of chemicals in the chemical and drug-related market, helping our clients toward continuity and future growth in their given sector.

Comercial Godó, S.L., focuses GIS on Quality, Environment, and the Prevention of Serious Accidents as a way of organizing business; all as a result of the continuous improvement and ceaseless search for the cooperation and satisfaction of suppliers and clients, the protection of the environment, the prevention of pollution, and the prevention and safety of the possible risks of serious accidents.

The policy of Comercial Godó, S.L., reflects the clear orientation we have towards what we consider key factors:

i. Comply with the current legislation regarding Quality, Environment, Work Safety and Health, as well as other requirements that may be necessary according to our clients and/or interested parties.

ii. Identify, assess, and constantly measure the serious risks associated with our activity for the protection of both people and goods in existing facilities, modified facilities, and new facilities, and to establish a detailed planning, programming and detailed evaluation to prevent its possible negative effects.

iii. Establish the resources, structure, functions and responsibilities of personnel within the GIS, assuring their participation and effectiveness by fostering a policy of communication, dialogue and consultation for all workers, and through their representatives, with criteria of transparency.

iv. Continuously train company staff as an essential task for the proper safe handling of facilities and equipment, as well as establishing the necessary actions in case of emergency.

v. Conduct audits and inspections, as well as a periodic review of policies and the entire GIS to verify its implantation, adequacy, and effectiveness in order to achieve continuous improvement.

vi. Establish the objectives and goals of the GIS in accordance with our activity.

This will make the service we offer the final result of our efforts and will demonstrate the image in which we’d like to be seen from the outside, which will differentiate us from the rest of the market.

We know that this goal is only achievable through complete personal, and professional collaboration of the entire staff. Therefore, we greatly value personal relationships based on mutual human and professional respect, which are the basis of teamwork.

The management of Comercial Godo, S.L., ensures that this policy is distributed throughout all of its personnel within the organization, in addition to being available to all interested parties when they deem in necessary, through our website: www.comercialgodo.com .

General Director
Igualada, October 17, 2017