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Aware that the progress within the current society is to guarantee the sustainability of our activity and the absolute respect for the Environment in Comercial Godó, S.L., we work actively in the optimization of resources and minimization of waste.

In Comercial Godó, S.L., we consider the protection of the Environment and Work Safety as a permanent task and a fundamental part of our activities. Therefore, we dedicate maximum attention to the security of the facilities and collaborators and minimize any possible impact on human beings and the environment in the manufacturing, storage, transportation, distribution and application of the products. In the same way, we carefully monitor facilities, products, emissions and waste disposal, and we dedicate our effort to promote, among all staff members, awareness of the Environment and Work Safety.

All this work is duly collected and evaluated in the ISO 14001 certification, which endorses it. This ISO corroborates that all waste generated is treated by waste managers authorized by the administration, that the resources are properly spent, in a justified way, and not wasted, and that we are environmentally responsible for all the vectors involved (land, water and air).